WePivot Is Back!


It’s been a healthy hiatus.

Over 3 years ago, after over 1,000 blog pieces since just after 9/11, I evolved Politics, Re-Spun into WePivot.net. I wrote about why.

A couple years ago I hit pause on WePivot.net, with my last post just before #IWD when I found out my dad’s mom wasn’t a French-Canadian woman from Gaspé, but one of her parents was half Abenaki and the other was half Mi’kmaq. That tiny smidge of First Nations ancestry after living for decades as a settler left me with many thoughts.

It certainly didn’t affect any of the myriad privileges and entitlements as a settler that I possess and have always possessed.

It explains perhaps some of the intense support I had during the Oka invasion 30 years ago, my peak life experiences at the Stein Valley music festivals, and my contemporary support for #WetsuwetenStrong, stemming from my understanding of things like the King George III’s Royal Proclamation of 1763 and the #delgamuukw decision of the Supreme Court of Canada.

“But how can most of BC be unceded land?” people ask, with shock along with sincerity. It’s because we’re squaters and have no legal right to “own” things around here. We are deluded and the billions of real estate value of this “Vancouver” thing, have paid no rent to the Coast Salish who still have title to this land. And we have done precious little to educate our kids about this deep theft.

There are so many things going on in this early part of 2020 in this “Canada” and “British Columbia” thing. And there is nothing 20:20, sightwise, about the politics and economics of our lands.

I’ll be sharing many thoughts about these things again. But for now, I will tell you this:

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