Louis C.K.’s “Victims” Didn’t Put Vancouver Animators Out of Work

We need more from the CBC. And the Canadian Press.

Sexual Misconduct Claims Against Louis C.K. put Vancouver Animators Out of Work” was the initial headline of a Canadian Press wire piece that the CBC ran, which has since been re-titled”Dozens of BC Animators Lose Jobs After Louis C.K. Admits to Sexual Misconduct.”

This first headline is clearly wrong.

The claims of sexual misconduct certainly contributed to, or even triggered Louis C.K.’s business troubles and the ripple effects throughout the entertainment sector that includes Vancouver animators.

But Louis C.K. is the predator. He’s the one who violated people and ruined his own reputation, even though the patriarchal silence machine enabled him. This is why the silence breakers are Time’s person of the year.

And it’s clear that the CBC fixed the idiotic headline, but what is clear is that at least one person at the CBC and at least one person at the Canadian Press approved the crappy headline.

It’s a signal of a couple things.

1. Lots needs to change still.

2. Yet, people must have complained in order for the headline to be relieved of its idiocy.

Going forward, as we pivot to a world of race and gender dignity and integrity, we need to call out those in the media who slip up like this, people who inadvertently blame the victim, which is easy because it’s been the norm for so long.

We need to change the tone of media, the rules for what a real man is, the crap we hear when people bring up “locker room talk,” and frankly we need to change the world by calling out illegitimate and oppressive language.

Don’t stop. This goes all the way to the top!

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