Men Steal Women’s Due Process

I didn’t think this up, but it’s been gnawing at me for years and many times in recent months with all the sexual predators being outed…with still millions more to go, I’m sure.

Should there be consequences to these alleged sexual predators before they’ve had due process. A valid question.

But you really have to read this piece from deeply awesome Seattle writer Ijeoma Oluo.

Not only does she argue that the patriarchy has been taking due process from women for a very long time, a major corporate media outlet tried to co-opt her to write an anti-due process editorial.

If you recall, police have been murdering indigenous people and people of colour with virtual impunity without needing due process. This is of course wrong.

But you need to read Ijeoma Oluo’s piece to fully feel her soul in this. And if you’re white or male, you are embarking on pivoting to a new world of racial and gender justice, so you need to expand your mind. And you may want to pre-order her new book, So You Want to Talk About Race, which comes out next month.

Yes. Yes, we want to talk about race. While we go back and watch Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing and Jungle Fever, Netflix’s Dear White People, which is a solid contemporary companion to what people like Spike Lee have been teaching us for decades.


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