Trudeau’s Empty “Yes We Can” Moment

Obama’s “Yes We Can” mantra made many question, yes we can do what exactly?

That was its brilliance. He became whatever to whoever.

Trudeau’s commitment to a national inquiry on murdered and missing indigenous women and girls has become the same emptiness, now that the inquiry is weak, imploding and as contemptuous as Wally Oppal’s commission in BC, for which Pam Palmater, below, has some choice words.

The MMIWG inquiry is dysfunctional. It’s typical settler, colonial racism. It shows that Trudeau set this up as an “exercise in superficiality.”

Real leadership means seeking truths, not policy photo bombs.

As we pivot to a new Canada with restored relationships with indigenous people, we cannot let the prime minister run a fake inquiry to avoid “Canada” and its institutions looking like they’ve been perpetuating systemic racism for generations. The truth is, we have been. We cannot build a new relationship without acknowledging our colonial oppression.

But Pam Palmater says it much better. And after you watch this, subscribe to her Youtube channel.

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