2 Signs of a New Era!

Mark Stevens and Carly Teillet, descendants of historic Métis leaders, met in their first 10 minutes of law school at UBC.

Yesterday I noticed two things:


  1. The BC NDP and BC Greens are willing to create a new paradigm of politics in BC. Hopefully this can mean a legislature where people don’t behave like 6-year-olds with the rude and sexist heckling we’ve seen for decades. Maybe it can be a place where the world “honourable” can be said without irony.
  2. It turns out that descendents of Dumont and Riel accidentally met in the first 10 minutes of law school at UBC a little while ago. Now they’ve graduated and symbolically represent…get this: a new way of international relations in Canada.

Coincidence? Hopefully not.

As we pivot to a new province/country/world of new paradigms, we need to WANT to shed past broken relationships.

We need a new world built on respect, dignity, honesty and once again, respect.

Are you up for it?

I am!

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