Community First, Deportations Second?

Residents were upset that the president who promised to deport undocumented immigrants was rounding up undocumented immigrants in order to deport them.

“I knew he was Mexican, but he’s been here so long, he’s just one of us,” Debra Johnson, a resident, told the Times.

Source: Trump supporter: My husband is being deported Friday

I love a good Monty Python, Onion or Beaverton sketch more than the next guy, but this is not at all funny.

Some are calling it buyer’s remorse after voting for T$$$p then finding him actually doing the things he said he would do, and then people suffer.

There is no place for gloating. There is no place for partisan hacks.

There is only community first. The community that is rallying around this particular Mexican person will have the opportunity to embed the values they wish to have in the future. They may win and keep this person in the country, or they may lose him.

As we pivot to a new world of dignity, respect, inclusion and richer communities, we are all Mexican, or Muslim, or women, or whoever is being targeted or scapegoated.

We are not alone. To think so is delusion.

Many leaves, one tree.

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