Tell Us More About Hacking, Christy Clark! Please.

Fresh off a week of lying and backpedaling about how the BC NDP hacked her party’s security-lite website, BC’s premier now needs to tango her way out of an actual of series hacks that have yet again exposed the data of thousands of British Columbians to hackers.

So here are some questions for our dancing premier:

  1. Was it the NDP again?
  2. Was it Vicki Huntington?
  3. If 4 breaches occurred over the last 5 months, why is this news now, and not after the first one?
  4. How long did it take for the government to find out about the first one, the second one, the third one, and the fourth one? It sounds like you’ve known for months. Why the stalling? Do you need more LNG to fire up the spin machine?
  5. When did the Health Ministry start sending people letters telling them they are at risk of identity theft, and why the delay?
  6. How about you: how long before you personally found out about each of the hacks, and how long before you started doing something about them?
  7. And there have been at least 4 hacks in the last 5 months. Scarily, I ask: how many more hacks have there been? Have you plugged the holes? Are you telling us about these 4 to soften us up to a much larger number?
  8. It’s been months since the first hack in late 2016, yet you do not know how the breach occurred? Do you even know what you’re doing? That was a rhetorical question.
  9. The health ministry hacks, these ones, were a sequel to one in 2014. What did you do to fix things back then?
  10. Do you remember the last time your government pretended there was a data breach and Roderick MacIsaac killed himself? I’ll give you this one. It was 4 years ago last month. Do you remember when your government pretended the RCMP was involved? It made you all sound so important. Do you remember when your paperless government conveniently didn’t have enough documents for a review to be conclusive? Do you remember that the Ombudsperson will be reporting out on this whole BC Liberal cruelty in the next 6 weeks, leading into the May 9 election? Is this just a joke to you, something to dance around?
  11. As we pivot to a new world where truth and dignity matter, will you suddenly put on a contrite face, apologize ambiguously and hope that people will still vote for your incompetent party again?
  12. And will the people buy it, I mean more than just the ones who need just the smallest crumb to find you all worthy.

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