How Many Dead Kids in Care Is too Many?

After years of systemic failure from the system designed to protect him, Alex Gervais’s life ended in suicide. Photo from Dylan Pelley/Facebook.

How many thousands of dead, injured and abused kids in the care of the BC government are OK for BC Liberal Party voters? None? Try thousands over 16 years.

And how many more thousands of dead, injured and abused kids over the next 4 years is OK for you to vote for the BC Liberal Party again?

We see a pretty alarming number of suicide attempts, overdoses, sexual abuse and physical abuse. It really is unpleasant to know that so many kids are going through these kinds of experiences … and often it is the result of actions by someone caring for them.

B.C. children's death graphicChildren in care are expendable to the BC government, and when they age out of the system at 19 years old. And the data shows it’s getting worse: over 4x as many injuries and deaths last year compared to just 9 years ago.

Just how negligent are you going to let the BC Liberal Party be? 2,000 injuries and deaths each year? 4,000? How many is too many?

And this is not a rhetorical question. I want to know. If you vote for the BC Liberal Party how many injuries and deaths of children in care is OK for you. Because clearly, thousands in 16 years doesn’t seem to keep you from sleeping.

To pivot to a new world of simply life and dignity for all, we simply must completely obliterate the BC Liberal Party:


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