The Petty, Narcissistic Face of Bald Capitalism: Melania Edition

Enter Melania T***p, ladies and gentlemen.

As we pivot to a new world of integrity and respect for humanity, it is important to understand the role of leadership and the symbols of leaders.

T***p’s wife has admitted to wanting to leverage her position as First Lady for personal brand promotion and endorsement deals.

Rarely are we given an irony-free, purely honest yet fully cynical snapshot into some people’s motives.

This gives new light to global criticism of her pre-election desire to combat cyber-bullying from the FLOTUS office. Mother Jones can’t find any evidence that she has begun that. Expect now for her to use the already-crooked T***p Foundation or some other cynical front to deliver on her cyber-bullying promise. But remember, now that she’s admitted to wanting to leverage her brand through her FLOTUS work, everything good or noble she does now will be tainted with brand management.

And whether the #FreeMelania movement is well-intentioned and liberating or paternalistic, it’s become more complicated to grant her any latitude when she is seeking a multi-million dollar payoff like this. But then, capitalism [greed].

Just like Corporate Social Responsibility: it’s all PR. Just like Audi’s Superbowl add about equal pay for equal work in a feminist frame: there are no women on Audi’s board. Sigh.

So as we pivot to a world of integrity, we need to demand more from our leaders. And we need to fire them if they continue to actively or passively show contempt for us.

And in BC that would be May 9.

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