The BC Liberals are Now Bankrolling their 2021 Election Campaign

In September, 2016, Minister of Everything, Rich Coleman bragged that the 2017 election is fully funded, but don’t let that stop you from funding them.

In case somehow they are forced to bring in some kind of campaign finance limits, they will be stockpiling millions of dollars for 2021 all through the spring.

And please note that Christy Clark’s name continues to not appear on campaign signs in BC. That must be a real blow to her ego.

And as we pivot to a new world, one based on community, and hope and resilience, and compassion and empathy, and truth and science…and NOT bribes, kickbacks, graft and corruption [proven in court, or apparent]…we need to hold our politicians to a higher standard.

Let’s not let rising American Fascism make us lower our bar for standards of human decency in BC!


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