Trudeau: the Walking, Contradicting, Double Speaking, Self-Oxymoron

Contempt for our intelligence!

I just can’t even…

As we pivot to a new world of passionately demanding integrity from politicians, we should demand non-contradictory talk. Right?

We are being feasted with Orwell in BC and the USA, but now Trudeau is vaulting into the ring to show that yes, he too can speak in abject contradictions.

I don’t know how else to put it other than “Trudeau: the Walking, Contradicting, Double Speaking, Self-Oxymoron” because in this article [“Trudeau Says He ‘Misspoke’ When He Said Alberta Oilsands Must Be Phased Out“]

He backtracks on statements a few weeks ago about phasing out the toxic tarsands.

Clearly, the blowback was too great. So he says he misspoke. But then the article shows hTrudeau continued on to both say we’re keeping the tarsands, but they have to go.

It is truly a masterpiece of internal contradiction, doublespeak and any other synonym you can thesaurus-ize.

Pivoting to a new world of integrity means wagging the disapproving finger at politicians who think we’re so stupid that we will gobble up this yak.

Demand more. We deserve it!

Embrace your righteous outrage. Speaking out of both sides of your mouth is classic contempt.


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  1. Well, of course you’re correct. However, if I were to read a post a few above yours on PB, Trudeau is an astounding person, where Kinsella praises him for standing up and responding to gee-whiz questions in Calgary the other day in front of an adoring crowd, despite the ums, ahs and ers denoting a mind full of disorganized thoughts. Like a performing seal or rock musician, he just can’t stop himself from feeling the adoration of crowds and to heck with thought-out long term policies. The dopamine man.

    Apparently though, our PM is so beloved of regular Canadians, no really objective assessment is ever made of the man. However, as the pile of granulated coke extracted from Alberta Diluted Bitumen from the tarsands grows ever larger at the Detroit refinery of Koch Bros, I wonder who really calls the shots. Still, we burn it here in Nova Scotia, whether cleanly or not in a fluidized bed boiler, as it’s dead cheap carbon fuel, about in the “if you want it cart it away price category”.

    With Trump cowering all before him though, I suppose Trudeau almost looks angelic by comparison. He’s still short 385 of the 394 promises on the Liberal election promise list. But who’s counting? He’s just so cute, and who’d deny him a free helicopter ride, despite written rules against it? Never heard so many lame duck excuses as I have about that one.

    Perhaps someone can advise me if there’s actually any political party worthy of support. The Cons are heading down clown alley, the NDP are in a state of advanced torpor, and May has run out of breath, although who can blame her. The Liberals are useless fronts for the privileged but popular. Provincially, low IQ self-advancement types lacking any intellectual rigour whatsoever but able to sense which side the bread is buttered on are rife and splendiferous.

    What a state this country is in. Everyone looking out for themselves.

    • two tasks:
      1. join the conservative party and support whoever isn’t a racist xenophobe. chong?
      2. join the ndp and promote a candidate who understands how to fight a powerful resistance campaign with the capacity to mobilize the already-growing sentiment on the ground. angus?

      and in the meantime, constantly point out how trudeau is living down to his lightweight reputation. every issue. every hypocrisy. every empty statement [this weekend it’s about accepting t***p refugees]. every bailed promise. every instance of corruption, graft, greed, bribery or kickback.

      or, both! 🙂

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