Which Conservative Do You Trust on First Nations Land Claims?

Watermelon Smash, or Chris Alexander's cultural sensitivity.

Is it Chris Alexander, he of the Barbaric Cultural Practices Snitch Line?

I know, right.

But it turns out, that among the even-more-racist Kellie Leitch, and the co-T***p admirer Kevin O’Leary, 65% of Canadians like Alexander’s idea of resolving all outstanding First Nations land claims.

The largest problem with this is that we should know better than to trust Chris Alexander when it comes to resolving cultural issues.

As we pivot to a new world with more dignity, justice and respect, maybe it’s time for all of us to join the Conservative Party of Canada and find the least destructive contending candidate to support.

There is at least one despicable policy for each of these contenders: Leitch [opposing carbon taxes], O’Leary [outlawing unions], Bernier [completely defund Medicare], Alexander [sledgehammer approach to non-Old Stock Canadians] and Raitt [brutal labour policies as minister] are unacceptable contenders. That may leave Michael Chong worth supporting: wanting to increase the power of MPs compared to the Prime Minister’s Office.

After all, the white supremacy backlash is alive and well. We need to counter it on all fronts.

See you all at the next Conservative Party leadership debate!

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