Contempt, and the Tone Deaf Premier: A Play in 6 Acts

The next BC Liberal Party leader?

Belligerence is so 1980s.

So is T***p, #AmericaFirst, #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, #MAGA, and…#BCFirst, the darling new BC Liberal Party meme [the sequel to the box office flop, #FamiliesFirst]!

But in BC we’ve had this whole century to get used to the Orwellian alternative facts that the rest of the world is now enjoying with the rise of #AmericanFascism.

You’ll notice our tone deaf, contemptuous premier was not tweeting selfies at the March on Saturday. She is a stellar victimizer of the poor, disenfranchised, struggling and–again–poor folk who can’t cough up $5,000 to sit with her at dinner, trying to turn that investment into a $74,999 no-bid contract.

But as we pivot to a new world, DESPITE #BigHands down south, and as we prepare 10 events in #BigHands’ first 100 days, in BC we need a particular focus on completely obliterating the BC Liberal Party.

Here are 5 ideas to ponder, and one juicy bonus:

One: The premier has decided to stop taking her $50,000 party salary top-up, though it’s unclear if she’ll recoup that amount by claiming expenses for reimbursement. But as you’ll see below, she didn’t admit wrongdoing. No. No ethical violations. No. No apology either, of course. She was merely embarrassed when the New York Times essentially called her government a banana republic because of BC’s lack of political donation limits, her stipend and her Conflict of Interest Commissioner who is in a walking, living, breathing conflict of interest every day. No she’s dumping her stipend because it’s a distraction. You BET it’s a distraction! It’s a message she cannot control, one that risks her political future. Good! But remember, at least she’s being honest and British Columbians have swallowed her and Campbell’s contempt for us all for 16 years. Enough, gosh darnit! Obliterate!

Two: The government is going to continue NOT putting limits on political donations, but they will “force” parties to disclose donations far more frequently, via Elections BC. But wait, there’s more. There’s no way in SuperNatural British Columbia that Elections BC could deliver the new disclosure regime in less than 15-21 months, which is conveniently several million months after this May’s election. May 9. The 9th. You busy that day?

Three: Bob Rennie, condo king and maker of tens of thousands of Vancouver property-owning millionaires, has left the BC Liberal Party’s fundraising apparatus. Wha! I know, right! He says he’s no longer needed, *cough*, but he’s not totally wrong as the government has been rolling in the millions of loonies. They could probably stop fundraising tomorrow and still have enough money to wage political war, supplemented of course by provincial government PR money, as all contemptuous governments do. Funny thing, numbers. Rennie, who was in CHARGE of fundraising, said he left the party with as much as $8 million. The party, however, said they raised $32 million since the 2013 election and $12.5 million just last year. So…we’re back to #AlternativeFacts.

Four: The premier’s replacement is being groomed in case the premier needs to take one for the team if they lose the election:

Five: Remember when Gordon Campbell’s approval rating was around -39%? Why are BC Liberal election signs being printed without the premier’s name on them?

Six: Expect a full court personality press from the premier soon to embiggen her cult status, somewhat along the lines of Kim Jung T***p who has retroactively declared his inauguration day to be “National Day of Patriotic Devotion.” Perhaps the premier will try another Yoga Day, perhaps in front of Vancouver’s gaudy T***p Tower this time.

So, if the Women’s March on Saturday has helped us lift the bar of intolerability, we need to focus clearly on completely obliterating the BC Liberal Party on May 9.

It’s like Bush and Harper knocked us into the ether and Obama and Trudeau are walking soma. But now with T***p helping us more clearly see how contemptuous BC has been for this whole century, it’s time to clean house.

Pivoting to a new world means having enough self-respect to demand our elected leaders treat us better than a spittoon.

What do you think?

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