And Now, It Begins!

It’s time to begin.

The inauguration has occurred. And tomorrow we march. And if you’re in Vancouver, we’ll see you there!

And as we pivot to an unexpected remainder of the decade, we will see mobilizing for women’s rights and dignity like perhaps nothing many of us have seen in our lifetime.

And that is good.

We can embrace the hope and determination of this movement for liberation to recall that we’ve maybe taken for granted wins of the past.

But all wins are always subject to future regimes with different, more fascism, anti-democratic plans.

So yeah, let’s not take things for granted. Good lesson. 🙂

But now I want to dream big.

With the momentum starting tonight to entrench women’s dignity, let’s think about how big we can go.

And I’m talking about the American Equal Rights Amendment, the thing that should have been part of their constitution a couple generations ago. But didn’t. Because of the 1970s. Let’s leave it at that.

But with all the organizing, we should be talking about perhaps the biggest ways of entrenching women’s rights: in the ERA.

That itself may be the biggest check on new misogynist, racist American Fascism.

And with the Republican control of Congress and many governor chairs, passing the ERA is unlikely soon. But pushing for it may help frame the debate in the most powerful terms because we’re simply talking about equality.

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