Vote BC Liberals to Finish Off Public Education For Good!

BREAKING NEWS: Party that eviscerated BC’s public education system wants you to re-elect them in May to finish the job.

  1. The BC Liberals has crippled a generation of students with billions stripped from public education since 2001.
  2. They have closed hundreds of schools.
  3. They have fired thousands of teachers.
  4. They have defunded schools to force parent groups to fundraise for core and non-core elements of school, leaving poorer communities to go without.
  5. They have promoted and increased funding to private schools.
  6. The premier’s child attends a private school.
  7. After spending 14 years and hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money fighting to defend illegal labour legislation, the Supreme Court of Canada spends slightly more than 9 seconds to rule the legislation illegal.

  1. Then, THEN, TTHHEENN!!!!, this government wants to get re-elected in May to finish off the era of public education so that only the rich will have the capacity to have their kids properly educated and the poor get to keep their kids ignorant. An informed democracy can only work when ALL kids get the best possible education, in an egalitarian context. Only fascists want poor kids to stay ignorant. How can you support a democracy when you try to impede some people’s children from getting an education.
  2. Oh, and T***p wants to help BC’s initiative to end the era of public education by appointing an education secretary who is adamantly opposed to even the concept of public schooling.
  3. So here’s my question:


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