T***p, the Inauguration and Our Kids’ Mental Health

Now that T***p’s inauguration is 2 weeks away I’d revisited a great piece from 2 months ago that explored how to help our children deal with what America is becoming.

Beyond all these great ideas to address kids’ anxiety and fear about rising American fascism, let’s be encouraged by the waves of mobilization that have already occurred to prepare for a revolution of democracy in America: by the people and for the people.

And let’s remember that Harper, Trudeau and many Canadian premiers including BC’s [there is an election on May 9!] are also serial liars who practice contempt for the public and democracy. If we keep letting these people off the hook, it just gets worse. If you don’t believe me, watch the inauguration in 2 weeks.

In the meantime, as we pivot to a new world with more meaningful relationships make sure your kids, and ALL the kids in your life, are at the centre of your attention and support!

How do we explain how a bully can win, and how do we assist them in working through their anxiety and fear?

1. Let your children talk, and express what they are feeling. Listen to them. Validate their feelings. This is not a time to pretend everything is ok. Acknowledge that this is a shock, and that many people are feeling what they feel.

2. Let your children know what your values are. Remind them that each and every person can make a difference.

3. Encourage your children to do something to help someone else. When we are feeling sad, scared or overwhelmed it helps us tremendously to help others.

4. Encourage them to look to the helpers in the world. There are people that are trying to make the world a better place for others. Talk about the leaders and helpers you admire.

5. Remind our children that they are Canadian. We have made our values of inclusion and compassion known in the world forum, and we will uphold our personal and national values. Be proud to be a Canadian, and remind our children that we value kindness and contribution.

6. Remind your children that there are boundaries in place. Although the USA is our neighbour, we do have boundaries and we are a different country with a different history.

7. Remind your children that this is still democracy. As a country the Americans have a right to choose their own President, as we have a right to choose our own politicians and processes.

8.Reassure our children that the United States has a system that has worked well for over 200 years. There are checks and balances within the system to prevent things from going too haywire.

9. Look for ways to grow compassion and empathy. This is now a call to action for all parents – to be conscious of continuing to build and grow the values that are needed in this world, now more than ever.

Source: Helping Our Youth (And Ourselves) Deal With The Trump Trauma | Alyson Jones & Associates

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