Christy Clark is the Anti-Carrie Fisher

Don’t be fooled. As we pivot into a challenging 2017 with a provincial election on May 9, a tale of two tweets:

Let’s honour and be motivated by a bold, brave woman who spoke her truths, called out those who demean the vulnerable, and fought mental health stigma to make the world a better place for everyone. Pay attention to her stance on fascists. As in, make sure you have good, solid footing when you strangle them with your chains. You don’t want to slip!

And compare that to Christy Clark, a narcissist who governs with deceit, secrecy, consistent support for her wealthy human and corporate patrons, and disdain for the poor, the vulnerable and those in need, especially those contending with mental health issues.


Grab your chains people, use them for good, not imprisonment!

And if you doubt which tweet resonates better, check out the teensy number of people who like Clark’s tweet and how many dozens of thousands embrace the first one.

Act accordingly.

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