The Importance of General Organa

The Importance of General Organa

Princess Leia was great, but General Organa is the one I’ll be looking to in dark times

Source: The Importance of General Organa (with image, tweets) · anne_theriault · Storify

This is an amazing piece sharing the truth of greatness and how easy it is for all of us to overlook it. Read it!

It would make Geena Davis proud!

As we pivot to a new year full of challenges, we need real leadership role models to make sure we all are on the top of our game.

Carrie Fisher Finger | Carrie Fisher Photos | FanPhobia - Celebrities ...

With a serial lying Canadian prime minister, a narcissistic BC premier up for re-election in a narcissistic and vacuous province, and an American Fascist about to be inaugurated, we need to rise above the fog and focus on fighting for the values we believe in.

Let’s take Carrie Fisher’s irreverence into 2017. And her finger!

Let’s make sure we are there for our people.

Let’s make sure we lean on those who support us.

It’s going to be a hard year. Those with greater entitlements need to sacrifice and give more to ensure there is justice for all because the 1% is going in for the kill.

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