Embrace Climate and Gender Optimism!

The Minority World is now losing at green energy development.

Welcome to the cusp of 2017. I can’t wait for 2016 to end: rough year.

But as we pivot to a fresh new year with new challenges, let’s embrace climate and gender optimism when we can!

  1. Great climate news regarding who’s developing more clean energy. The minority world [developed OECD countries] has a multi-generational, well-developed carbon-based energy infrastructure. Despite the reality of stranded assets, the developed world is lagging behind moving past carbon energy, what with more drilling, tarsands, pipelines and LNG. So it should be no surprise that the majority world is racing ahead with green energy development, in part because they don’t have billions invested in carbon energy infrastructure. See the fancy graph and quote below; let it warm your soul and inspire you and your fellow minority world folk to embrace the post-carbon energy infrastructure!
  2. There is a sad stereotype that hockey players are manly, tough, unemotional, scrappy, homophobic and not so feminist. Regardless of how much any of this is grounded in reality, it’s inspiring to see new male role models. Patrick Maroon is an example of this, demonstrating very un-hockey-like warm emotions watching a tape of his son cheering his goal, while watching him live, in a league where games take him away from his son much of the year. And it’s particularly poignant because of Maroon’s recent comments about how hockey is a man’s game, when discussing his criticisms of the concussion protocol. Watch the video below to see what we should expect in male gender liberation in 2017 and beyond!

The report focuses on “clean energy market conditions and opportunities in 58 emerging nations in South America, Africa, the Mideast, and Asia” and contrasts the progress of these poorer nations against the achievements of the OECD countries — the wealthier nations of the world that are members of the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development.

And for the first time, the developing nations are winning.

The center of the clean energy universe has shifted from north to south

Source: For the First Time, Emerging Markets Are Deploying More Renewables Than Developed Nations | Greentech Media

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