Trump’s Reichstag Moment?

It’s not if, but what will be Trump’s Reichstag moment. Some kind of pretense [real, allowed, condoned, manufactured] to justify a tyrant’s suspension of civil liberties.

Trump has already said he’d jail his political opponent, which could easily happen despite how he backpedaled on that.

But while Hitler went full-fascist after the Reichstag fire, and Bush went all PATRIOT Act after 9/11, we don’t actually need to speculate on what will be Trump’s Reichstag. We should presume it will happen and prepare accordingly.

Hitler suspended civil liberties to “protect” his people from others, so he could victimize them:

The Reichstag Fire Decree suspended most civil liberties in Germany, including habeas corpus, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, the right of free association and public assembly, the secrecy of the post and telephone.[10] These rights were not reinstated during Nazi reign. The decree was used by the Nazis to ban publications not considered “friendly” to the Nazi cause.

Bush didn’t go nearly so far after 9/11, but Trump is clearly no Bush.

With both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court in Trump’s control, as well as a cabinet filled with people obsessed with dismantling the departments they are supposed to run, the US government’s capacity to provide civil stability will be weakened to a point no one alive has ever seen.

As I’ve written before, the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution may well be on the side of people in favour of freedom stopping Trump after his Reichstag moment.

Because we can hug and sing and pray and march and protest [until we’re all kettled and detained indefinitely], but Trump’s belligerence may be such that an armed rebellion may be what it takes to stop his tyranny.

Will America be up for another 1776? Will Trump’s supporters turn on him if he doesn’t build the Great Wall of Mexico and deport/intern the Muslims? Will both of those factions join together to fight BigHands?

Or will civil unrest and protest strike the fear of electoral hell in the sycophantic brains/hearts of all Republican Senators and House Representatives to the point where they will block Trump? Which is no guarantee, remember; remember Reichstag when Hitler arrested the Communists actually sitting in Parliament? Can you see Trump arresting the Democrats in Congress and Republicans, if need be?

We are in uncharted territory with only Hitler and Bush to inform us. But our world is different now with China and Russia in play in a different way than in 2001 and the dark 1930s.

Keep your eyes peeled and your people close.

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  1. Hillary is a bribe-taking super predator. She should be put in prison for crimes related to her illegal email server, alone. Would be if she was any other person.

    Hillary smashed her old smartphones with a hammer and deleted 33,000 emails after an FBI subpoena. Conrad Black did the latter. Got 6 years in prison.

    Hillary has more than 3 strikes on her. (She’s famous for her anti-intellectual three strikes law while de facto spokesperson for the private prison industry as First Lady.) She deserves to be lock away for life, unlike 10s of thousands of African Americans she life-imprisoned during the era of mass incarceration. (Can you believe a Democratic president foisted this policy on America? SMFH.)

    • Granted, she’s pretty toxic. She also kneecapped Sanders with the DNC and media.

      But what’s your point? Trump is better, ok, just as bad?

      She didn’t put anyone in prison. Her husband was the president.

      Do you have any non-FakeNews/Breitbart/FoxNews sources for the hammer assertion?

      Any link for Conrad Black deleting emails?

  2. My point: better a Republican mess than a Democratic party mess. Now the Democratic party is rid of the Clintons. The New Deal Democrats, who almost won the primaries, will be sure to rise in prominence and run an FDR-style candidate in 2020.

    It’s an easily-researched fact that Hillary smashed old smart phones related to her off-the-books email server as SoS, as well as ‘Bit-Bleaching’ 33,000 emails after an FBI subpoena. I believe the technical term is ‘destroying evidence.’ (Which is what Conrad Black did hard time for.)

    The FBI had Hillary dead to rights. But these upper-echelon establishment cliques look after their own. Like how David Johnston saved Brian Mulroney’s sorry arse!

    Actually the establishment media hand-ringing, begging Trump not to get a special independent prosecutor to look into Hillary’s apparent corruption, is predicated on protecting a web of bribe-taking fraud that facilitates the uppercrust capture of America’s government and other democratic institutions: the courts, the press, the central bank and the economy.

    It has nothing to do with Trump being a fascist who arbitrarily jails his political enemies. Independent prosecutor. Due process of law. Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    Establishment propaganda about ‘fake news’ is outright Orwellian at this point in time. Manufacturing Consent run amok.

    • i did some research on the hammer. found nothing from “credible” media that at least pretends to stand by facts. i’m just asking if you have an actual link to one.

      sorry, the media begged trump to not get a special prosecutor for clinton? link please.

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