Proto-Fascist Trump Levels Up?

I ask this inane question [because I have to].

I asked it because I read this:

And because of this so far [and we’re how far away from January 20?]

Because someone soon to have the nuclear weapon codes, yet who is too bored to listen to daily intelligence briefings, feels it’s good leadership material to attack individual citizens who criticize him [or ask fair questions].

Someone who knows full well that every tweet is a dog whistle for his mob to attack whom he attacks.

This is where Fascist America[tm] erupts with a paramilitary force to protect the thin-skinned president by attacking anyone who is disloyal to the leader.

And to think, for many days after the election I thought I was off-base being one of just too few people writing about how Trump is a proto-fascist.

As we pivot to a new world, we need to keep America from dropping anchor in Trump’s personal swamp.

And while Trump blew the dog whistle encouraging his second amendment friends to fix the Hilary problem, it’s possible that the second amendment may actually be the vehicle for anti-fascists to remove their tyrannical leader if Trump levels up from proto-fascist to first citizen.

We either pivot back towards democracy, science, humanity, dignity and respect, or it’s RIP American Democracy.

And if it’s the latter, read Philip K. Dick’s [suddenly relevant] The Man in the High Castle to get a sense of what fascism would look like on the ground in America. Just add BigHands’ tweet culture to the mix and try not to imagine a picture of Trump sitting at the desk in the Oval Office looking like Alfred E. Neuman.

Here's a peek at the cover and a few of the articles inside the eBook:


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