This Week in American Fascism

Whew, what a week!

As we pivot to a new world dismantling entitlements and confronting much more overt fascism, let’s reflect on what we need to call out:

    1. Fascist, white supremacists love to ban books, including To Kill A Mockingbird, a common target. And sure book banning didn’t just come back this fall, but any instance of it now will be more of a flashpoint: encouraging racist, ignorant people as well as a target for the rest of us to call out unacceptable bigotry, within a broader movement towards American Fascism[tm]. Watch the book banning scene from Field of Dreams below.
    2. Entitled people are getting pretty touchy these days when they get called out for privileges they still can’t see. I’m sure as an enlightening white male I have a long way to go spotting my own entitlements. And even though this is clickbait, I encourage you to see how today’s youth are framing entitlement and promoting an intersectionality lens in making the world a more equal place.
    3. Then, Trump’s proxies signaled a return to Don Draper’s America: women with kids shouldn’t expect to get a job in Trump’s White House? Despite normalizing sexual assault, Trump is now on the offensive to entrench anti-feminist backlash.
    4. And while this is in BC, disdain for facts is something Trump has normalized more than anyone else in my lifetime. Various BC government messages have wildly inconsistent dollar figures attached to fighting the fentanyl crisis. Stop being shocked. There are no facts. Only lies and spin in the post-truth era. This government has been practicing it for 15 years longer than Trump.
    5. And finally, Dr. Seuss was an anti-fascist propagandist. Can you imagine what he’d draw if here were around today to draw BigHands?

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