THIS Man Is Ahead By A Century

How about you?

Are you ahead by a century, like Gord Downie is?

Do you walk among the stars? I can only aspire to.

I want to pivot to a new world of connection and rich culture and community. I want to be part of a shift to a new society, politics, economics, sociology even [sorry, Mr. Harper! #SorryNotSorry].

I don’t want to miss opportunities to be inspired and share inspiration.

But this man, this Downie. He is truly ahead by a century. We must learn from him. We must learn about systemic racism. We must take our part in truth and reconciliation; we each have a role regardless of who we are.

We must learn from the human shield veterans in North Dakota who apologized to the water protectors for colonialism.

‘Man who walks among the stars’: AFN honours tearful Gord Downie

Singer hailed for his work highlighting the victims of residential schools in Canada

“Soon, in a few days, a couple of weeks, there’s 150 years that Canada wants to celebrate, and I will personally then celebrate the birth of our country, celebrate the next 150 years. It will take 150 years or seven generations to heal the wound of the residential school,” Downie said after receiving the blanket.

“To become a country, that can truly call ourselves Canada, it means we must become one, we must walk down a path of reconciliation for now on. Together, and forever. This is the first day of forever, the greatest day of my life, the greatest day of all of our lives. Thank you.”

Source: ‘Man who walks among the stars’: AFN honours tearful Gord Downie – Politics – CBC News

Watch this video and be humbled. But then once you’ve wiped your tears, BE INSPIRED! We all have so much greatness yet to accomplish!

Our future can be so much brighter as we all try to catch up to the man who is ahead by a century!

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