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Yes, it’s been the worst week of lies and broken promises for Justin Trudeau.

The 10 Best Images from the ‘Call Me Maybe’ Meme


Electoral Reform.

He is in tire fire mode. So yesterday the party threw him a seltzer bottle which we can now spray in his face. They emailed their list selling us Liberal Party branded toques.

Can you say Squirrel!

As you can see, none of the options below have “Electoral Reform and Pipelines Liars” on it.

What are some other good slogans for the #LiberalToque?

“Selfie with Justin Harper”?

“Photobomb My Pipeline”?

“PM for Life”?

As we pivot to a new world, one that rejects lying politicians and white supremacist demagogues, we need to look past the squirrels they send us to distract us from how they’re abusing us.

And in the meantime, add your comments below about what should go on a Liberal Party toque this winter!

This winter, we're getting ready to work even harder to keep building a better future for all Canadians. And we're going to need to stay warm to do it!

Ready to help? It's going to be fun - promise! Vote on your favourite design for our LPC Winter 2017 toque, now!

 And have your say in our winter toque design! We'll be making the winning toque available for free for anyone who donates $99 or more (that could be as little as $24.75 after your 2016 tax credit!).

Love them all? donate $99 after you vote and we'll send you the winning toque as soon as it's available!

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  1. The Dippers botched electoral reform. They sided with the Cons who want to kill it with a polarized referendum instead of working with the Liberals to come up with some kind of compromise.

    “A vote for the NDP is a vote for the Cons”: the NDP just made this permanent. I hope they enjoy!

  2. Too funny. You sound just like the Harper Cons and their extremist screeds. The common ground of the CPC and NDP is that they both view the world in binary terms. Discussion, engagement, negotiation and compromise is anathema to both sets of extremists.

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