Self-Care Tips As Trump’s Inauguration Approaches

It’s all about self care.

  1. Care for yourself with more sleep, more time walking in nature, less time in elevators and more time on stairs.
  2. Eat healthier, simpler foods.
  3. Spend more time with your people: less texting and more phone calls, less email and more coffee visits. Remember when people used to just pop over to someone’s house for a visit, unannounced? Do that more.
  4. Ask how your friends are doing. Listen to how they’re feeling and pay attention to what gives them anxiety. Listening actively helps you let them know you’ve got their back.
  5. Look to your people for support. Let people know what you’re worried about. If it’s #noDAPL, or the future of education, or the next 2 election cycles or race and gender discrimination.
  6. Never forward articles unless you read them and verify the source. Titles alone are often lies. Clickbait sites, still, will often include links to where they found information. Go to those links to ensure truth. Truthiness was funny when Stephen Colbert coined it. Now it created a lying president.
  7. Call politicians’ offices when they lie. Tell them that it’s bad. They work for us.
  8. Read more books.
  9. Think about politics, but mostly think about seeking out and building up the leaders you know will make our world better. If you see none around start hunting, or consider how YOU can be of service to our world.

As we pivot to a new world, different kinds of people will need to run our world. Old style politicians are corrupt, unresponsive, greedy, self-centered or useless. A better world needs different kinds of people running it.

You might be one of them, especially if you aren’t an old, white male. 🙂

Let your integrity shine!

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  1. Old white male. That’s me, and I will continue to do what I can to bring a constructive end to that privilege of both social position and time. Of note that most of this is also worthy as an end game, something to be considering in the back of our minds as we read the Paul Beckwith material so generously shared by The Mound of Sound and others.

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