America’s Coming Civil War

Weeks ago, as I was approaching the 14th anniversary of Politics, Re-Spun, I launched

My goal was to move out of what started as a George.W.Caesar anti-imperial website, that morphed into an anti-Harper #SoftFascism website, into a new thing altogether: pivoting into a new world off fossil fuels and into the post-carbon energy infrastructure, digging into authentic #TRC and Canada’s systemic racism, moving out the other end of neoliberal economic policy that Trudeau has continued from Harper despite Trudeau’s kinder, gentler social liberalism.

Then Trump “won” the presidency. Thanks, Electoral College!

Now we have the rise of American fascism, entrenchment, and Nazi salutes. It’s only been two weeks and #Trumpism hasn’t even been inaugurated yet.

If a civil war is looming, here is how it ends. Pick your side because we don’t compromise with fascists, white supremacists, xenophobes or misogynists. Full stop.

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