You’re Not a White Supremacist, Right?

Sure, you’re not a racist, but you are likely living in a culture steeped in white supremacy. And male supremacy.

A culture with rich, systemic norms and institutions that benefit the entitled people.

Even if you do not practice patriarchy or white supremacy, you may be inadvertently benefiting from it; I know *I* am.

Our job is to take the can opener, and tear open the institutions that privilege us. And dismantle them. Because those the system victimizes, aren’t given can openers. But they make their own. And we can share ours!

Check out this pyramid, above. Look for actions and words you see and hear. Confront them. You owe it to yourself and others. Then watch the video below and think about how to re-humanize dehumanized people!

We can do this!


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