Trump, Hypocrisy and Fascism

My Canada…my WORLD…involves people with integrity. The new American president spent months attacking people with racist, xenophobic and sexist venom. But when people satirize him, or criticize him, he cowers like a victim.

This is hypocritical people living in glass houses calling the kettle black.

But it’s also the hallmark of fascism: they attack the scapegoats and those deemed weak and unworthy, then call criticism of them unpatriotic or unfair. And as we’ve seen, this kind of tactic works.


Equal time? Nonsense. Alec Baldwin responded to Trump’s tweet with epic alacrity and satiric venom, something soon to be outlawed if Trumpist McCarthyism and censorship take hold in the land of the “free” and the home of the brave[?].

Bullies cower when you punch them in the nose.

Bullies get emboldened when you appease them with Czechoslovakia. A free world demands justice and condemnation of tyranny. Someone said that once…who was it?

Stay strong, America! We’ve got your back!

Keep speaking truth to power and keep demanding accountability, integrity and honour!

As a bonus, you can help stave off your own coming kleptocracy!

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