My Canada Does NOT Include Kellie Leitch’s Racism

I am ashamed for Kellie Leitch. Partly because she knows/shows no shame for her racism and xenophobia. Partly because also as a professor at a university I throw up a little bit in my throat imagining how Leitch may have seen/judged her students.

As we pivot to a new Canada/world that lives deeper respect for all of humanity, we cannot allow people to dehumanize others, especially as a political tactic to become leader/autocrat of Canada.

Here is one important opinion you must consider when you assess the future of our country. Ponder the excerpt, then click the link and read the rest of it. It will add value to your soul.

My medical school classmates were a remarkably diverse collection of individuals. We studied, struggled, and celebrated together. Recalling those days, I wonder if Leitch saw us the same way we saw each other.

Some of us were immigrants, others racialized and many spoke accented English. All of us have since embarked on careers of service and compassion.

Surveying the class as she lectured, did she think we all belonged? Did she think we shared her values, presumably the Canadian ones she has in mind? Wh

Source: Former medical student of Leitch dismayed by Trump-support email | Toronto Star

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