This Week in “Huh?” Ivanka, Justin, Elon

As we pivot to the new, sustainable world defeating this current wave of fascism and climate change deniers, let’s look back at this week to keep abreast of the contempt flung at us and where we can find hope.

Remember, our job is to smile at it, shake our heads, then condemn and reject that which is designed to disempower us. Then we must embrace and celebrate hope!

  1. The Autocrat-elect of the United States of America continued to signal to the world that he is prepping his banana republic. He tried to get his son in on security briefings and his daughter joined him in his first meeting with a foreign leader, from Japan. This prompted Keith Olbermann to remind Trump to keep his daughter out of meetings of state. See Exhibit A, below.
  2. Cynics and people who pay attention will know that federal Liberals in Canada campaign from the left and govern from the right. Trudeau is keeping up with Harper’s free trade and privatization agenda, but he smiles more. But we aren’t fooled. One campaign promise was to end our 19th century obsolete first-past-the-post electoral system. Recently, under cover of the French language, Trudeau mused that people like him more than Harper so maybe we can keep our electoral system. I know, right! But now someone leaked a massive push poll he wants to release to try to dilute the already massive support around the country for proportional representation. See Exhibit B, below.
  3. Elon Musk’s Tesla will merge with SolarCity. This means that roofs made of solar panels are on the way and intended to be cheaper than the cost of electricity plus ordinary roofs. This, combined with the Tesla house battery and electric cars can take people off the grid and off fossil fuels in a momentous way. It’s like House Elves, but without the slavery because…the sun! For years I’ve been telling people that roofers should go into business with solar panel providers, but Musk has gone past that by literally building the better mousetrap: solar roofs. Add that to solar roadways and we have a pretty exciting world to rebuild! See Exhibits C and D, below.

So, pivoting means recognize who are the anchors who will keep us in the intolerable past. Cut them loose. Reject the bald nepotism of the Trump Autocrat. Reject Trudeau’s cynical Clinton-esque gaming of electoral reform. Embrace the idea that tech advances will continue to make the sun a more accessible power source for the planet so we can leave the fossil fuels in the ground. If Musk can pull this off, there are a few Nobel Prizes waiting for him down the road.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

The timing of the survey – to be launched after the all-party committee has already submitted its report – has previously raised concerns that the government plans to ignore the work of the committee.

Source: Liberals accused of trying to skew results of electoral reform consults – The Globe and Mail

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

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