Healing America Begins Now; Let’s Join Them!

It’s not Trump. It’s a country that makes Trump possible.

It’s not Clinton vs. Sanders. It’s about building the world we want and making our leaders follow us. You know how much they love the polls.

It’s about hope, optimism and pivoting: finding our pivot foot in the areas of life WE are improving.

It’s isn’t about the [luxury of] doom and despair.

It isn’t about this timely tweet from the Shakespeare bot a few minutes ago, and how it doesn’t predict America starting tomorrow:

Because it’s about believing that a better world is possible.

And frankly, neither presidential candidate is progressive. Neither will usher in the kind of world we heard from Sanders.

But clearly, we will be far less successful pushing President Trump through civil society discourse, Congress, or activism, to do anything good or less bad.

And if we have another President Clinton, we will have to push her hard to build America into a country we can be proud of, and be a voice of moral integrity around the world for political, economic, environmental and climate peace.

So roll up your sleeves, Americans and those of us who love what America could be. Tomorrow is a new first day of many days of hard work, regardless of who wins the White House tonight.

P.S. The changing map of America reflected its first invasion. Read about it here. It’s an interesting use of “red” and “blue,” eh?

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