Consent, Not Consultation, Or Else

If you’re looking for what real leadership looks like, it’s this.

UBCIC Grand Chief Stewart Phillip once again demonstrated what integrity looks like as the federal government once again tries to waffle on commitments and listening to the Supreme Court.

Not only has the prime minister floated a trial balloon recently about how we don’t really need electoral reform because people like him so much, but now the federal Natural Resources Minister is pretending that First Nation’s consent isn’t necessary to perpetuate our destructive fossil fuel economy and society.

Pretending that consultation and accommodation are sufficient, the federal government is hoping people will again look the other way, or just embrace their ignorance or apathy and say, “ok, sure, whatever.”

But no.

My Canada isn’t apathetic or ignorant. My Canada is one that already knows what the UBCIC reminds us: Canadian law has entrenched consent. See below for the UBCIC statement.

And the opposite of consent is a veto, right?

Negating consent will lead to a Canadian Standing Rock. And the UBCIC is not kidding. I first saw this statement yesterday afternoon in a text message from the UBCIC. The organizing capacity of a myriad of groups who are allied around consent, justice, equality, equity and climate hope is nothing like during the Gustafson Lake standoff 21 years ago or Oka 26 years ago.

MY Canada is a Canada that is daily building a future of greater hope and justice for all. You are either a part of it or an impediment.

MY Canada is one that practices reconciliation, like working quickly to transform the systemically racist Indian Act into a relationship that is based on integrity and dignity, and aligned with the UNDRIP.

Act accordingly!

Get on the integrity side of history!


Posted by Ubcic 621sc on November 06, 2016

(Coast Salish Territory / Vancouver, B.C. – November 6, 2016) The Union of BC Indian Chiefs completely rejects and repudiates the federal Minister of Natural Resources Jim Carr’s recent asinine statement that Canada only needs to consult and accommodate the concerns, interests and rights of First Nations regarding the approval of proposed resource development projects such as Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Expansion project or Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipelines project.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, President of the UBCIC firmly stated “First Nation’s free, prior and informed consent is an integral and fundamental element of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Further, the legal and practical need to secure First Nations consent is featured in Delgamuukw, Haida and the Tsilhqot’in Supreme Court decisions. Consent is part of Canadian law.”

Grand Chief Phillip concluded “Any ill-advised, clumsy or barbaric efforts to deliberately circumvent our inherent Indigenous land rights and violate our Indigenous laws will result in Standing Rock a la Trudeau!”

Media inquiries:

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, Union of BC Indian Chiefs: (604) 684-0231

Source: Consent – UBCIC

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