This is Obama’s America, Obama’s Legacy

You’d think Obama would want his legacy to not be settler/colonial terrorism against First Nations water protectors. See the video below.

You’d think he would not be interested in people being dragged from prayer circles to be arrested and put in kennels.

You’d think he wouldn’t want anyone putting numbers on the arms of prisoners. That’s been done before.

You’d think he’d want to leave America better than he found it, with more racial dignity, respect and acceptance.

You’d think.

My Canada…my AMERICA, my world…is one where dignity has a higher place.

Someone once said, “When they go low, we go high.” I think that was the right idea. But that has to extend to everyone.

If you, or your people, don’t know about #noDAPL because the corporate media is keeping it off your list of newsworthy things, get educated and help fill them in. Start here. Then go to this tweet below, then stroll down below for the video:

‘The images are burned into my mind right now, of the sounds of my people screaming in horror.’ – This woman spoke about the brutality of the DAPL arrests

Source: NowThis – Timeline


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