My Canada Opposes the Nuclear Arms Race – No Brainer?

Perhaps it’s me, but it’s 2016, and despite how much JustinHarperTrudeau is maintaining CPC policy, I thought at LEAST nuclear disarmament would have been something Trudeau felt worth supporting.

Despite the fact that the UN passed a resolution continuing the pursuit of a nuclear weapons-free world, Canada remains one of the countries supporting the nuclear arms race. See below.

It’s been over 30 years since Trudeau’s father approved US cruise missile testing in Cold Lake, Alberta. Like many other young people in Canada in the 1980s, this induced great fear. Having seen Dr. Strangelove, I developed my own nuclear nightmare: being chased down the street by a [albeit, slow moving] cruise missile.

So, in any event, either CNN’s Christiane Amanpour thinks Benjamin ...I don’t recall if Slim Pickens was riding the missile in my dream but I was steeped in anxiety about nuclear war.

My Canada includes a solid posture, with the UN, to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

What do you think? Should Canada buckle under Obama’s pressure, or chart our own course as a real peacemaker?

“The First Committee on Disarmament and International Security of the UN General Assembly today passed an historic resolution, mandating the launch in 2017 of negotiations for a legally binding instrument prohibiting nuclear weapons. Such a ban would reinforce customary international law against the threat or use of nuclear weapons and pave the way for further negotiations on their verifiable destruction and ultimate elimination.

Source: Canada says NO in historic UN Vote on Nuclear Ban Treaty –

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